Job Description

Architects create designs for new construction projects, alterations and redevelopments. They use their use their specialist construction knowledge and high-level drawing skills to design buildings that are functional, safe, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing.

Architects stay involved throughout the construction process, adapting their plans according to budget constraints, environmental factors or client needs. As such, they operate as part of an overall project design team, working closely with a range of construction professionals from quantity surveyors to building services engineers.

Skills Required

Excellent communication skills, both written and oral

High levels of creativity and imagination

A keen interest in the built environment and the dedication to see projects through to their conclusion

Willingness to work long hours, under time and budget pressure

Excellent design and drafting skills and proficiency with computer-aided design (CAD)

Teamworking skills

A keen eye for detail, as well as the ability to see the bigger picture of a project

Organisational, project management and planning skills, including the ability to juggle multiple tasks

An analytical mind with excellent problem-solving and mathematical ability

Leadership skills as well as the ability to work well within a team of other professionals

An awareness of the specific environmental and social impact of your projects