Corporate Banker

Job Description

Corporate bankers are like retail bankers , but they deal with companies rather than everyday people. Their clients range from small and medium sized companies to huge conglomerates. The products they offer include treasury services, loans and credit, trade finance (such as letters of credit), and employer services (such as payroll).

The Job Scope

  • Meeting with and interviewing corporate and personal customers, discussing their financial requirements, and providing appropriate financial advice
  • Advising corporate clients about mergers, acquisitions, capital markets etc
  • Promoting the bank's services
  • Planning and problem solving
  • Writing reports
  • Managing projects
  • Training and supervising junior banking staff.

Skills Required

Salary Range

    Fresh graduates can expect a salary ranging between RM2,500 to RM3,200
    A Senior Banker requires a background in providing a wide array of financial services, preferably in managing high-income clients. can expect a salary ranging from RM6000 to RM9,600