Degree in Dentistry

Dentists treat problems with patients' teeth, gums and mouths. Dentists specialize in oral surgery and oral disease; they also do cosmetic work, improving the appearance of patients’ smiles. Becoming a dentist takes a lot of training. Dental workers have some of the highest rates of job satisfaction of any profession, and dentistry can be rewarding financially.

Like doctors, dentists’ services are always in demand and with increasing numbers of people wanting cosmetic dentistry, there are plenty of jobs in the sector.

Entry Requirement

STPM or A-Level
  • Minimum of BBB / ABC / AAC in: Biology + Chemistry + Physics or Mathematics

Australian Matriculation (SAM or AUSMAT)
  • You will need EITHER:
  • (1) Average of 80% (or the equivalent of B) in: Biology + Chemistry + Physics or Mathematics, OR
  • (2) ATAR 80.0, including: Biology + Chemistry + Physics or Mathematics

Matrikulasi or Foundation in Science
  • Minimum CGPA 3.0 (out of 4.0) in: Biology + Chemistry + Physics or Mathematics

Similar to doctors, you will need to complete one year of compulsory service with the government before you can become a registered dentist and practice Dentistry in Malaysia.

After that, you can choose to specialize in fields such as orthodontics, paediatric dentistry and periodontology. The process of specialization is usually 3 years long.

Why should we study Dentistry?


The field of Dentistry

The field of dentistry includes:

  • Oral Surgery
  • Orthodontics
  • Paediatric Dentistry
  • Periodontology
  • Oral Medicine and Oral Pathology
  • Dental Public Health
  • Restorative Dentistry


Career Options in Dentistry


Paediatric Dentistry

Oral Surgery

Restorative Dentistry