Job Description

Producers in the entertainment industry tend to the business and financial matters involved in making a movie, television show, or stage production. They oversee production and are responsible for the budget, timeline, and quality of the finished product.

The Job Scope

  • Hiring staff for the production, such as the director, crew, and, sometimes, the cast
  • Coordinating the activities of writers, directors, managers, actors, and other personnel throughout the production process
  • Raising money and setting the budget and size of a production
  • Establishing management policies
  • Approving major production changes
  • Monitoring post-production processes to ensure accurate completion of details
  • Performing management activities such as overseeing budgeting, scheduling, planning, and marketing
  • Conducting meetings with staff to discuss production progress and check-ins to ensure production objectives goals are met

Skills Required

Academic Requirement

Degree in Video & Film Production

  • A-Level
    Minimum of 2 principal passes
  • STPM
    Minimum CGPA of 2.0
  • Australian Matriculation
    Minimum of ATAR 60
  • Canadian Pre-University
    At least an average of 60%
Diploma in Video & Film Production

  • SPM / O-Level
    Minimum 3 credits

Salary Range

    An early career Film/TV Producer with 1-4 years of experience earns an average total compensation of RM 3,000 a month.
    A mid-career Film/TV Producer with 5-9 years of experience earns an average total compensation of RM 6,250 a month.