Real Estate Agent

Job Description

Real estate agents oversee the acquisition and disposal of properties.

Agency is an essential function of the property industry and involves the buying/renting and selling/leasing of property. Estate agents can specialize within a particular property market, such as commercial or residential real estate.

The job of an estate agent contains elements of marketing, sales and administration.

The Job Scope

  • Liaising with clients to market properties in the most appropriate manner to maximise the selling value
  • Handling enquiries about properties from potential buyers
  • Valuing properties
  • Producing reports, brochures, promotional information and other written material
  • Travelling to properties and conducting viewings
  • Negotiating the sale and letting of properties
  • Administering and securing the disposal and acquisition of property and ensuring that it is completed legally

Skills Required

Good communication skills and the ability to maintain a positive relationship with clients and colleagues

Negotiation and selling skills

Ambition, drive and charisma

Strong organization skills, as you may be dealing with more than one property at a time

Academic Requirement

Entry Requirement for a course in Real Estate

  • SPM
    Pass SPM with minimum 3 credits(C)
  • STPM/A-Levels
  • Mathematics
    Grade A (SPM/GCSE/IGCSE)
  • Foundation in Science or Foundation in Arts or other equivalent qualifications recognized by the Malaysian Government.

Salary Range

    There are no formal entry requirements for an estate agent, although some experience of customer service work and an interest in the local property market may be advantageous.
    The Real Estate salaries in Malaysia range between 4,744 MYR per month (minimum salary) to 13,556 MYR per month (maximum salary). Real Estate salaries in Malaysia are rising in the year 2019 based on recent submitted salaries and reports.

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