Safety Officer

Job Description

A safety officer provides safety management, advice, monitoring and reporting in the workplace. They also engage staff in programmes that ensure a safe and healthy working environment. As a safety officer, you are also needed to monitor pyschological risks, biological risks, chemical risks and ergonomic risks for the overall wellbeing of employees.

The Job Scope

  • Auditing production while keeping a lookout for any unsafe behaviour that breaks regulations
  • Evaluating risk and safety hazards for all aspects of operations
  • Curating analytical reports of safety data
  • Examining production equipment and processes to ensure their safety
  • Arranging repairs for unsafe and/or damaged equipment
  • Guiding and instructing on various safety-related topics
  • Access existing policies and measures and update according to legislation
  • Supervise installations, maintenance, discarding of substances
  • Document and investigate incidents to determine causes and manage worker’s compensation claims
  • Draw up reports and provide statistical information to higher management

Skills Required

Good observation skills and an eye for detail

Good communicator

Excellent project and time management skills

Willingness to work in extreme conditions

Academic Requirement


Salary Range

  • Fresh graduate
    An entry level safety officer with 1-2 years of experience earns an average salary of RM2,500.
  • Senior Level
    A senior level safety officer with 7+ years of experience earns an average salary of RM6,100