Police Officer

Job Description

Police officers maintain law and order, protect the general public, investigate crimes and prevent criminal activity from happening.

If you become a police officer, your career will be all about crime prevention, prosecution and punishment.

The Job Scope

  • Interviewing suspected criminals
  • taking statements
  • writing crime reports
  • dealing with paperwork
  • gathering prosecution evidence
  • giving evidence in court
  • fostering good relationships with the public
  • patrolling areas by foot and car
  • making and processing arrests
  • searching suspects
  • responding to emergencies
  • controlling traffic/crowds
  • keeping the peace in public areas

Skills Required





Able to handle responsibility

Able to remain calm in challenging or dangerous situations

Good interpersonal skills

Communication skills

Academic Requirement

Salary Range

    Police Officer salaries in Malaysia range between 2,200 MYR per month (minimum salary) to 9,300 MYR per month (maximum salary). The salary varies greatly depending on the ranks which are: constable, lance corporal, corporal, sergeant, sergeant major and sub-inspector. Police officers also enjoy housing, transport, and other benefits.